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Current Issue : Global warming

This article based on compulsory public speaking in class. I try to rewrite the what things that i spoke infront audience and respected lecturer Miss fatimah puteh. Sorry miss, i spontaneously pronounce to you madam on that day..;p

Assalamualaikum and salam sejahtera i bid to audience (classmate) on the stage and my lecturer Miss fatimah puteh. Today i would like to talk about global warming. Before i start let's hear a quote from a well known leader

The impact of climate change will fall disproportionately on the world’s poorest countries… Poor people already live in the front lines of pollution, disaster, and the degradation of resources and land. For them, adaptation is a matter of sheer survival
. (Kofi Annan)

Nowadays, since many countries could not escape from the spread out of industrialization. The earth surely could not permit the increasing amount of pollutions mainly caused by the high emission on carbon from the industries. This phenomenon has been considered to be the biggest threat for many people in many countries. This is also the reason why environmental issue has become well exposed by international community.

In this regards I would like to inform readers about the on going threat that happens right in front of us. In which, there are still people out there who are neglecting the importance of preserving the environment. I would argue that it is the people that need to be saved rather than the environment itself.

the main question is who need to be secured?

Talking about security one must define the threat first. The main issue here is global warming as a security issues coming from environmental dimension. It can be said that it is an environmental threats to security. In which, it largely affects other dimensions such as, economic, health, natural disaster, and societal. Yet again we still do not realize who suffered the most.

Moreover, the impacts of global warming have been shown in many parts of the world. From Antarctica to Greenland, California to Bristol, and Jakarta to Dhaka, it all have been suffered a tremendous impact caused by global warming. It comes with a many variant such as flood, overheat, cyclone, and mudslide. The rapid changing in global warming and the unpredicted series of unfortunate events shows that this changing is not followed by the ability to adapt from the people. It caused many casualties mostly children and women. Again the issue has only been mouthing off but still there is no self actualization. Now, who must we protect and save?
In my opinion it is the peoples that suffered the most as the impact from global warming, especially the poor ones. It affected the way they live, the way they make a living, and the way they view the world. Things would never be the same as they were before. It will even be much harder for them to survive.

So what our job as a human being to slowdown the warm that heating our earth?

I suggest before we leave our house, turn of all electrical applience that might be waste the energy. If you want ironing your dress do it once a week. To start iron, it consume lots of power(watt) and if every house in this world do it same time. wow i can imagine that generator continuously burning the gasoline (maybe malaysian electrical power source after hydro-electric. perhaps?)
then, drive small car. The smaller, the better. Big car need more energy to start the journey and you ' ll waste some bucks on that?

Perhaps, you no need to drive a car if want travel to short place to buy candy from groceries, go to mosque or meet a friends. This morning,I really use this method , we (I & MD roslan, a writer and journalist ) walks form our room from g30 until N24. Walking keep you thinking and get your mind refresh. Let's try this, very exhilarating.

Also in doing so we must protect and save the environment for the sake of our children. We must remember that it is them that will continue this struggle to save peoples and human race and other form of lives on earth. So it is our duty now as a youth in this generation to build a clear path and provide a good example for them, in form of solidarity, high spirit, understanding, and trust among the people.

In a nutshell, it is the people that need to be saved rather than the environment. By that I mean if we are planning to live, see, share, and enjoy our life with the next generation. Then peoples must start to think about others. It is wisdom not greed that we need, we must realize that our impact to the environment will soon reach its limit. Hopefully this essay would be a good way of expanding our horizon, as it is my way of doing a small favor to preserve the environment. That might encourage many events to build our consciousness and solidarity concerning environment for the peoples.

That's all for know. Thank you for lend me your ears and spirit to still awake.
I know this topic not as a intersting as love story but for our children sake. stop global warming

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