Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Drawing of peace

Once upon a time, a king organize drawing contest. The theme is simple. Regarding peaceful.
Thus, there are many citizen joined the contest since great prizes was offered. The king glided around to see result of drawings.
Among thousands of drawings, there are two drawing that attracted the king heart.

First drawing portray a face of calm well. Calm water in the well. It pictured face of water act as mirror that rebound beautiful mountains with blue sky and cloudy.  It was draw by a famous artist.

However, on the second drawing, it was draw by a ragged and shabby teenager. He only draws a gross and leafless mountain. Dark red sky with thunders everywhere. It seems a heavy thunderstorm will coming. At the mountain side, there are one heavy stream waterfall. It seems no a little peace was draw. 

Instead, the king was interested of something in the drawing. At one side of the waterfall there are bushes between the rocks. In the bushes lay a bird calmly nest their eggs without bother uproar of the environment. 

Thus, the king asked “where is the peace that you can show me on this drawing?”
“Your majesty, peaceful is not mean you must at calm and conciliate environment. The actual peace begin from a calm heart eventhough you’re in the middle of difficulties.”
The teenager answers had made the king to choose his drawing as a winner!

Yup. Peace was everywhere, it was originated from your calm and still heart even though faced trouble and disaster in this world. =)