Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Word of wisdom

By three methods we may learn wisdom. First by reflection, which is noblest. Second by imitation, which is easiest and third by experience which is the BITTEREST.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Palestine : Our Responsibility


Last night I had attended a sermon given by one representative from Aman Palastine. I forget his full name but I do remember Asmadi. Credit to him for giving such lesson that you can’t get from mainstream media such as mainstream mass media and official newspaper.Sigh. Here before I forget all the information, I would like to share with you.

This is a story regarding Palestine. Zionist tries to erase history from Muslims mind. They(Zionist) know without History it seems a tree without roots. Palestine is our history. We should protect and care about them.

Why most Muslims country living in struggle and conflict? Like Muslims in Filipina, Egypt, Syria, Chechnya, Palestine, Iraq, Pattani and etc. Asmadi raise a question that strike to my heart? Do we care about them? They are muslim. They should be our brothers and sisters. Our prophet Muhammad (pbuh) claims that all muslims are relative.

Why do muslims world live in such state? They should live in peace and bless? The answer is, that was sunnahtullah from Allah. We all have slept for long time. Now its time we'll be test. That was a test given from Allah to all muslim. Allah want to indentify among all muslim which one was sincerely, honestly giving all their blood, gold and even soul to protect Palestine.

Israeli forces demolish water wells and tents in the Jordan Valley source Ma'an News Agency
Yeah we do know, Palestinian always in struggle and conflict. Every day, Zionist never stop attacking innocent people via airstrike, bomb. Recently, Zionist already destroyed all water sources in Palestine. They(Zionist) think all Palestinian will leave from their motherland if they ran-out of water. Zionist did bad thing to Palestinian. So what our action now? You can’t just leave all Palestine problem to Palestinian. Their problem is ours too. Hazrat Umar Al-khattab when he get key to open Al-Quds (Palestine) , he announce a will that Al-Quds and all theirs sand belongs to muslims now. All muslim responsible to Palestine.

In future, If you can meet our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), what you can show to him? Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) will asked you, “How my ummah?” . What kind of answer will you give to him?

It’s a long story regarding Palestine. Thus, what our contribution to Palestine? It’s not easy to enter paradise(Jannah). It required a lot of struggle, tears, bloods and soul. Do you want paradise? Let’s care about Palestine.