Friday, September 24, 2010

Let’s Write..

Writing is not easy job to be a friend. It’s requires much effort and enthusiasm. I felt worried when there is my turn to do this job. Yeah, it’s not easy for me to read bulks of journals at one time. At the same time, I must cover more fields of study and it gets me a headache. Usually, it not related with my basic knowledge that I learn during undergraduate. Things become more complicated when you are advice to do preliminary study.

I really enjoy writing but there was barriers that hindered me from perform better. The important thing is times. Times play an important role for me to think and write. Each individual need their specific time to do this jobs. For me, I need ample time to done this job. There's so much to do. And there's never enough time. I feel pressured and hassled all day, every day, seven days a week. Unfortunately, there is too little time and too many things to read. Instead, I rushed for dateline.

Traditionally, final year undergrad student need to do a small project. Some might call it thesis but I think it still not reach a thesis level. Technically, before anyone start their project they should attend a course that call “how to write thesis very well”. Unfortunately, we did not have opportunity do that. When problem regarding poor thesis arise then who should be blame? Student cannot be blame because they are university customer. We pay that institution handsomely and we want better service in return.

By the way, I call my entire friend especially my follower to write an article that as long as not defy our religious. Anything that related to your soul can be publish for sure. Let’s build a community that vigorously discusses anything in respectable way. You no need to express all your aspiration through facebook because it will be too long and get people bored. Publish it through your blog since we can read it and give some comment.

Some of my article will be too publish in relaxed manner. In other way it will be aggressive depends on what kind of information I bringing to you. My article comes independently from me. Neither director nor editor works with me. Perhaps a newspaper company will offer me as columnist?

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Raya Eve..

Come to my House on Aidilfitri,
There will be ketupat and lemang,
And serunding and rendang,
And other goodies for you and me,

For the bad thing I did last time,
I'm apologize,
hope i would not do for next time,
we will be great companion for another time.

Also from near and far,
Who come to wish me..
Happy Hari Raya