Wednesday, November 28, 2012

FourLeaves (KL SOGO) is not Halal Certified

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012 7:35 AM
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Dear Thahirah,

Further to your enquiry, we are sorry to inform you that our shop in
KL Sogo is not HALAL-certified.

Thank you very much for your interest in our company.

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Freedom for Palestine!

In the name of Allah the Most compassionate and the Most merciful God

Peace and blessings for the beloved ruler of all prophets, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W., his family , the companions of the Prophet the faithful, and the warriors of Allah either still struggling or are meeting Him.

Al fatihah for Ash Shahid Ahmad Al-Ja'bary, president of the Al-Qassam Brigades Izzuddin that has followed in the footsteps assyahidin Palestine, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, Dr. Abdulmajid Ali Abdel Aziz al-Rantissi and others. Ahmad al-Ja'bary Assyahid was martyred on 14 November 2012, Wednesday for murdered by the Zionist regime through air strikes.

Current situation in Gaza,Palestine

According to the website “Haluan Malaysia” , Zionist terrorist army regime has launched more than 300 rockets from air, sea and land to Gaza. To date, 23 Palestinian were killed and nearly 200 injured. Asy syahid, Ahmad Al-Ja’bary and his son was killed in their car attacked by Shin Bet intelligence team. 

Last night at 7.00 local time, Palestinian Prime Minister Resident, Ismail haniyeh, has also been targeted of a rocket attack. Alhamdulillah, he and his family saved. Palestinian activists responded by launching 40 rockets to attack Zionist cities, including Tel Aviv. However, according to report, the Zionist regime has alerted their people by warning siren. Recently, the unmanned aircraft and their fighter jet was hovering the gaza airspace.

As a Malaysian Muslims, what we can do?

  1.  If you have capability, well planned and sincerity, be a martyr at the field of jihad in Palestine.  In other way, help can be given either by delivering humanitarian aid, medical or other physical assistance that will be greater impact.
  2. If not able to get down to the field, donate assistance such as clothing, food and other through reliable bodies. Such as , Aqsa Sharif, Haluan Palestin and Aman Palestine.
  3.  However, if can’t do both action above and for those who have done above action, we can still pray for safety of the people of Palestine, Syria , Rohingya, Patani and wherever Muslims are. You can read the prayer: -

    a-supplicate Nazilah (Qunūt’l-Nāzilah) in each obligatory prayer, allowed to hold paper during Qunūt prayer because it is harder to memorize. That does not invalidate the prayer in all denominations including Shafi'i sect because you're not moving huge row three times. Just lift the paper once a prayer, pause for reading, then continue down prostrate, no row.


    O Allah! Guide me along with those who have been guided aright and grant me safety along with those who have been granted safety and patronise me along with those who have been patronised and add your blessing to what You have given me and save me from the injurious effects to what you have ordained. You alone dispose and no other can dispose against you. One who is under Your Protection cannot be lowered. You are full of blessing and Most High.

    O Allah forgive all the Mu ‘min men and women and all Muslim men and women. Unite their hearts with mutual love and set aright their mutual affairs and help them against Your and their enemies. 0 Allah let Your curse be on those disbelievers from among the people of the book who belie the Prophets and who fight Your chosen ones. 0 Allah disunite them and shake their feet and send upon them your punishment, which you do not turn away from sinning people.

    • In addition, we can perform prayers and fasting intention specifically intended for the Palestinians, Syria, Patani, Rohingya and all Muslims who are oppressed.

    • Make a peaceful demonstration. However, it should be understood, the best demonstration is to educate Muslims, especially Muslim youth for congregational dawn prayers at the surau and mosques. This is because we will not be able to defeat the Zionist Israel and the enemies of Islam that lan if without the help of Allah. Take a lesson from historical war done by our Prophet’s and his companion with Allah, and Allah grant them victory.

    Boycott products that contribute to the Zionist regime and its allies.  
    Sheikh Dr. Yusuf al-asserted Qaradawi has said the boycott is in Qatar on October 8, 2001, which reads in part,
    "My Muslim faith communities around the world, boycott products made ​​in Israel and the U.S. is the duty of all Muslims around the world. Every dollar we pay for a bottle of Coca-Cola for example, would be a bullet in the gun the people of America or Israel to be molded towards us. We have donated our money every day to McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, etc., regardless of where the money will be spent... until the end of the speech ... "

    • Write on your blog, “share” picture, post status on Facebook that related with Palestinians issues.

    • Give a lecture or speak at speaker corner that provided at respective university. Or, at least, attend lectures or speakers corner on the issue of Palestine and other Muslim issues.

    Even in any way whatsoever, and give assistance to our brothers in Islam in Palestine, Syria, Rohingya, Pattani and Muslims wherever they may be. Hopefully with the help that we extend (despite the fact that God also gave us permission and power to help them), Allah accept their help as our righteousness.

    In closing, the Palestinians not only the Palestinian issue, it is an issue that must be taken seriously by all Muslims. May Allah jalla wa ‘alā give victory and patience to the Mujāhidīn resisting the forces of terror and occupation, both now during this immediate battle and then during the long war of resistance for many years to come against these Zionist criminal occupiers. May He jalla wa ‘alā accept our Shuhadā’ and accept all our supplications, amīn Yā Rabb’l-‘Ālamīn.