Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Letter by John R. Malott (the United States Ambassador to Malaysia from 1995 to 1998.)

Minister of Information, Communications, and Culture Rais Yatim owes Anwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian people, and the US government an apology. Rais recently was named as one of three persons in Malaysia whose job it is to "thwart the dissemination of false news by irresponsible people." That is indeed a worthy goal. No one want to see false news disseminated. So one would have hoped that at the first opportunity he had to perform the job he was appointed to do, Rais would ensure that the news he received was true. But that was not to be.
Here's what happened.

On July 11, Utusan Malaysia published an article claiming (not for the first time) that Anwar is a CIA agent.Utusan quoted a blog in America that no one has ever heard of. Utusan falsely said that it is a “well-known” blog. and stooge. For its evidence, Rais didn't check the background of the blog's author, and I doubt he even read the blog before he spoke. Instead, he ran with what Utusan reported. If Rais had checked, then after a 15-second Google search, he would have learned that Utusan's "expert" says she has been struck by lightning 10 times - inside her house - and that the Queen of England is engaged in money laundering. She says she lives on a mountain in New York with her horses and cats and dogs and chickens. So how could she know anything about Malaysia and who is a CIA agent?

Before Rais disseminated false news from such a person, why didn't he check the truth and save himself from embarrassment? Why didn't he do the job he was recently appointed to do? But it is not just Rais and Utusan. It amazes me that today people in Malaysia still continue to disseminate the nonsense that "Anwar is a CIA agent" for their own political gain. I dealt with this issue 10 years ago in an article I wrote for Malaysiakini ('Anwar was never an American spy', Sept 2, 2000) in which I said categorically that Anwar is not and never has been an American agent.
If I was lying 10 years ago, then why couldn't Mahathir - after 22 years in control of the Special Branch - prove me wrong? And why hasn't anyone been able to prove it in the seven years since Mahathir left power? Why can't they prove it today, instead of relying on the ramblings of mountain top bloggers in New York? Why hasn't Anwar ever been arrested on espionage charges? It's an easy answer - because it is not true. Anwar is not and never has been an American agent.

I say this for the same reason I told then-foreign minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in 1998: If you say that Anwar is an American agent, you also are saying - falsely - that America is interfering in the internal political affairs of Malaysia, and that is not true. As I wrote in Malaysiakini a decade ago (I had then said I went to 'a very senior official in the Malaysian government. I can reveal now that the official was Abdullah), I said that on behalf of my government, Anwar was not a CIA agent. And if the Malaysian government arrested Anwar and claimed that he was an American agent, we would immediately issue a denial of the strongest order and challenge the Malaysian government to issue any proof to the contrary.

I also bluntly told Abdullah that his government would be embarrassed because they could never offer any proof to the contrary – because it does not exist. I went on to say that the Malaysian government might have its internal political differences with Anwar, but if it made a false claim against the US, namely, that we have interfered in your internal affairs, that someone in the government is an American agent, then it is involving the US, and we will expose it for the lie that it is.
Today, twelve years after I met with Abdullah, Malaysia still has not offered any proof that Anwar is an American agent - because it is not true. Finally, there is one more person that Rais Yatim needs to apologise to, and that is Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak. That is because Najib has made a special effort to improve relations with the US. People in both countries think that so far he has succeeded. So why are you now undercutting your prime minister's efforts and claiming that the American government is interfering in Malaysia's internal affairs and supporting the opposition? And if the US government is happy with Najib's efforts, then where is the logic in supporting Anwar and the opposition?

John R. Malott ( the United States Ambassador to Malaysia from 1995 to 1998.)

My Right as taxpayers: Don’t swindle us

Through current economy improvement in our country, 10.1% for 1st quarter. It’s shown a good improvement for this decade. Kudos! In addition, Malaysia offer to foreign investors to invest in important sector, provide condusif and better environment that will increase business enthusiasm. Also, he also claimed that it has save $24 billion government expenditure.
Despite this, something out of my imagination will be happen. Logically, good economy growth means that we have stable price. Thereto, current market price for oil is stable. Therefore, it is impossible for lucid leader/minister to increase price. Besides, no rigids explainations stated by PM to satisfied the public. Watch out! You owe me better explaination!

However, regarding new data from United Nation (UNCTAD) in World Investment Report 2010 shown prominent result. Based on that report, Malaysia was behind Thailand and Indonesia.In fact, we know that Thailand and Indonesia economic was poor and behind us once time ago. It clearly state that foreign investment in Malaysia fall 81% to US$1.38 billion (RM 4.43 billion) on 2009 compare to US$7.32 billion (RM 23.47 billion) on 2008.

Despite this, all ASEAN nations involve same problem which decrease in FDI entrance but not as serious as Malaysia. Thailand earns total investment US$4.44 billion or RM 14.24 billion whereas Indonesia earn total investment US$2.60 billion or RM8.32billion simultaneously rank Malaysia furthermost behind with Brunei, Cambodia and Timur Leste. In fact, Vietnam is furthermore than Malaysia.
This situation become more chaotic as FDI falling down but outflow of local fund is higher among ASEAN nation which is RM 25.77 billion.

Teamwork and Discussion matter: Where is gone?
Magically, this government decision was not discuss in parliament’s conference. It’s better to discuss the issue before one decision was made. Importantly, two brains are better than one brain. 2Malaysian is good than 1Malaysian. Thus, 1Malaysia is disgusting.
I wonder, during my undergraduate, student also told to discuss their project with their supervisor. Also, most lecturers always had given lots of boredom discussion group. Teamwork is one of softskill that had beenhightlighted by higher institution in order to produce compatible graduate. In contrary, our learders was not applied this teamwork. Thus, what is the point to implement this softskills into student?
The issues is when some of the member is not productive, it will burden the others. As a result, whole team will not obtain better grade. Look, parliament is good place to discuss this issue. Their function is to discuss this matter. By doing so, hopefully it will produce better solution for Malaysian.

I’m sure that all of parliament’s members experienced in doing so. Instead, majority of you come from reputable institution. Thus, it is good opputurnity to share the idea and bring something good to Malaysia. If some of you can’t applied it, so withdraw all the disgusting group discussion, teamwork (not working at all) from softskill criteria because our leader not doing so.

What is going on now? Is it teamwork is working in higher institution only? If it is so, please mention it earlier. You’re politicking the beauty of teamwork.

Price Awareness: Please stop hiking! Nonesense!
Did you know that our oil price increasing but the quality still poor and even worsen?
Who is going to be blame regarding this issue?
According to current situation, price of sugar, oil, LPG increase again. All 1Malaysia folk was told that this matter is in conjuction of subsidy rationatiozation program. In reality,
Hereby,after subsidy rationalization, new price as following:
Petrol RON 95 - RM1.85/liter.
Diesel - RM1.75/liter.
Sugar - RM1.70/kilogram
Gas LPG - RM1.85/kilogram.
Hereby, new gas price:
Barrel of 14KG - from RM24.50 to RM25.90 (up RM1.40)
Barrel of 12KG - from RM21.00 to RM22.20 (up RM1.20)
Barrel of 10KG - from RM17.50 to RM18.50 (up RM1.00)

A simple calculation from Tun Dr. Mahathir (2008):
"Can the Government subsidise? I am the "adviser" to Petronas but I know very little about it beyond what is published in its accounts. What I do know may not be very accurate but should be sufficient for me to draw certain conclusions.

Roughly Malaysia produces 650,000 barrels of crude per day. We consume 400,000 barrels leaving 250,000 barrels to be exported.

Three years ago the selling price of crude was about USD30 per barrel. Today it is USD130 - an increase of USD100. There is hardly any increase in the production cost so that the extra USD100 can be considered as pure profit.

Our 250,000 barrels of export should earn us 250,000 x 100 x 365 x 3 = RM27,375,000, 000 (twenty seven billion Ringgit).

But Petronas made a profit of well over RM70 billion, all of which belong to the Government.

By all accounts the Government is flushed with money.

But besides petrol the prices of palm oil, rubber and tin have also increased by about 400 per cent. Plantation companies and banks now earn as much as RM3 billion in profits each. Taxes paid by them must have also increased greatly.

I feel sure that maintaining the subsidy and gradually decreasing it would not hurt the Government finances."

We are not blind sheep: More transparent Media
The vast majority of the Malaysian population is merely sheep happily following the herd. Whatever is broadcast in the media (mainstream media) as being desirable to the masses suddenly and miraculously becomes desired by the masses. Whatever our neighbour owns or achieves becomes the object of great envy and we lust to acquire what we believe to be ours by right.

Thus, when we are shown a solution to a problem, any old solution to manything which interferes with our need to follow the latest trends, we accept it without question and cease to seek any further for ourselves.

Problems abound and so do solutions; but it is the easiest and most profitable proffered option which is seized by the patronizer whilst the poors are trampled underfoot in the
stampede to acquire the latest object of idolatry. And just like sheep who follow blindly and without question the direction of the herd, we are led through the gates of a pen to be confined at the shepherds convenience until it is time for the final journey, once again without hesitation and happy in the knowledge that we are with the 'in-crowd', through the gates of the slaughterhouse.

Therefore, a new government that more people oriented should be voted to demolish the embrassing, unfair, corrupted and conspirated party from governing our nation. You know better than me.

You are going down
Presenting the information concisely is a difficult operation due to the complexity of the interconnections between people, organisations and events. I have attempted to simplify this issue into a manageable amount but it remains merely the tip of the iceberg. It should be remembered also that nothing is black and white, no one is 'good' or 'evil' – such simple distinctions are part of the manipulation which encourages us to judge our federal goverment in order to create a better place for peoples in Malaysia.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Truth: A cure for all disease

Have you wonder why there are no effective treatments for HIV/AIDS disease. When someone was told that he/she was infected with this disease they will end up in grave soon. Instead, to prevent disease getting worse, they take medication suggested by doctor without consult with pharmacist.
Now, in this article, all HIV/AIDS patient do not panic. Read this article carefully and you will found out the true story is. Actually, there are several medical conspiracy that behind the scene. I like the terms “behind the scene”. One of my friend put this terms as a title on his blog.

Medical ConspiracyAs another example of the medical conspiracy, would it shock you to find out that there are, in use today, several medically proven cures for cancer? One such cure is Essiac and has been in use since at least 1922, it has no known adverse side effects. It is made from four common herbs and elevates the immune system.

In 1937 it came within three votes of being legalised as a cancer treatment in Canada and was passed on to the British Cancer Campaign by its founder, Rene Caisse, via the Prince of Wales. And yet today, it is still only available through selected, virtually underground, outlets world-wide.

Advancement of Microscope
Furthermore, in the 1930s a man named Royal Raymond Rife developed a very high powered microscope, almost seven times more powerful than those in use at the time, which could detect organisms which cause diseases such as infections and cancers. He did this by illuminating these organisms at their own specific frequency of light and could, therefore, examine them and their effects whilst they remained alive as opposed to killing them first using dye stains or high powered electron microscopy as was the norm.

He then discovered that, by altering the frequency of their environment microbes could mutate and change their size and shape to resemble viruses and bacteria alike, thereby enabling the same microbe to cause many diverse diseases. For example, the same germs which cause pus – streptococci – could also become the germs which cause pneumonia – pneumococci – in response to an alteration in their environment.

Rife also discovered that by bombarding these organisms with higher frequencies of light, he could destroy them. He demonstrated that it was possible to create and destroy cancers at will and succeeded in curing otherwise terminal patients of this disease, as well as others such as polio and typhus, in almost 100% of cases.

Today, it is conventionally accepted that single specific germs are responsible for single specific forms of infection. This theory was advanced by the French scientist Pasteur but was disputed by his rival Bechamp who was in favour of the mutation theory known as pleomorphism. We are rarely informed in text books that, according to his co-worker, Dr Duclaux, Pasteur himself changed his mind and revoked his 'germ theory' in favour of one closer to that of pleomorphism. However, over 100 years later, Pasteur's original germ theory is still the standard working model for the understanding of the action of microbes in the body.

The mechanism

Many types of bacteria exist in a symbiotic relationship with our bodies all of the time and only become symptomatic once the physical body begins to deteriorate due to an unhealthy lifestyle. Bacteria are then free to scavenge the 'soil' produced in the disease process, i.e. when the tissues degenerate to a similar frequency as the microbes, releasing dead organic matter similar to viruses upon which these microbes feed (remember definition of the HIV retrovirus? Most of you take Gene Therapy during 3rd at FBB,UTM).

They then excrete this dead matter as waste products via the bloodstream, faeces or other exudates such as mucous. The extent to which the bacteria can multiply is limited to the amount of soil upon which they have to feed and could not be capable of invading the body to the extent to which science would have us believe unless there was already an adequate food supply. Furthermore, as has been demonstrated in Rife's vibratory work, it is possible for these microbes to mutate into other forms and even to cancer-causing agents according to their environmental conditions, defined by the degree of concentration of waste products and the vibratory rate.

The subsequent systemic and metabolic reaction to these toxic excreted waste products, such as sore throat and high temperature (the body's natural way of eradicating the bacteria), are generally the symptoms of diseases which are given priority in day to day general medical practice, whereupon drugs are usually
given to suppress them. In giving antibiotics we often succeed in killing the very microbes which are removing the diseased body's dead matter during the natural healing process. In doing so we also open up our bodies to other forms of disease such as fungal infections which are usually kept at bay by the natural
presence of bacteria.

In contrast, maybe some people will not at my side since they love anaerobic condition at all. This doesn’t matter to what kind of job you’re doing now. Hopefully, you will find a new breakthrough behind the anaerobic condition. This article was publish to educate folks that some “people” hiding the truth.