Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Casual Vacancy for RM 4.95

Good Morning. It's rain outside my home. What a beautiful Ramadhan! 
Are you book worm? Have you bother to read a book? Then, what kind of book?  Skeptical lover novel books that will be loved to be read rather than Men from mars Women from Venus(that required 1000 research to produce a books)?Just kidding. Hehe

Last week, I heading to a shopping complex. As usual, the entrance was packed with promotion goods and clearance stocks. My eye pointed on a familiar book. Wow RM 4.95 ! This books cost you around $ 36.99 in Canada. Never imagine it at Big Bad Wolf Book Fair. 

The book is The Casual Vacancy. Written by J.K. Rowling. Author of Best Selling "Harry Potter". 
Not read yet. No review for now.

This best time to read a book after completing a Certification for Microsoft Office Specialist Course that take one year.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ahlan wa sahlan ya Ramadhan

Ramadhan is coming. The Devil was leaving. Hereby will be a good kick start to do something good. Hassle free. No distraction by Qarin. Not to mention AES that will not leaving until apocalypse.
Prepare yourself! Improve your practice ! Increase your spirit! Refurbish your faith! 
InshaAllah, we got bless from Allah the Almighty.

The best way to fill up your time during fasting month:
1. Recite Al-Quran
2.Pray Tarawih. You will be miss after this month.
3. Be generous.
4.Don't miss Qiammulaill. You will be miss more than 1000 month worth reward.

That's all that I can share with. Feel free to write up any inspired activities that will reward your more in up coming Ramadan.