Monday, May 28, 2012

15 steps to be a high achiever!

Hi all! Having trouble to achieve your goal? Let’s learn something from the information that I had digest from nowhere. No matter what you are (school leaver, med school graduate or brain surgeon) 

1. Have a Goal
Many people without a goal, be it short term or long term, find themselves stuck in a dead-end job just for the sake of having a job dread each working day.

2. Take Responsibility
If you want to be somebody, you’ve got to learnt to take responsibility for all your actions. People who are not responsible usually are not reliable enough to be trusted.

3. Be Productive
Every second counts. Michael Dell built his own computers when he was just 18. What did you do when you were 18? 

4. Get Motivated
People are always gonna bring you down, or add negativity to your life by telling you that you can’t make it. Discouragement can be like poison to a person’s life and career, so be careful

5. Get the Edge
In any industry, there will always be another clone just like you. It’s important that you stand out and get the edge over your competitors.

6. Be Cautious
There will be people around you who are out to get you, and they may be your best friend, your neighbor, etc. We’re not asking you to be paranoid, just little cautious.

7. Get Experience
No matter how book smart you are, nothing come close to live experience. Bill gates didn’t finish Harvard. Many people have been hired ‘cause they’re good at what they do, not for their college degrees.

8. Take Risks
High achievers are always the risk takers. No one can guarantee success by that, but neither can you by playing by the rules. Make decisions with your head, but when needed, follow your gut. 

9. Be Persistent
No one is that lucky to have it all at first try. Success comes with hard work and ever greater persistence. Never ever give up no matter what everyone says.

10. Predict Consequences
Knowing what’s coming up next and predicting the consequences ensures that you’ve got a safety net when you start to fall. That way,you can always bounce back up again.

11. Be prepared to fail
Nothing’s guaranteed, but failure is. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Yet, with so much preparation things sometimes doesn’t go the way you want.

12. Be Creative
Thinking out of the box is always good advice. Being creative means there’s no one like you, and that idea makes you special and much sought-after. Don’t be afraid to cross borders.

13. Sell Yourself
Good packaging makes people think that you can deliver what they want to achieve. Always learn to sell yourself well to your clients, and when they believe in you, that’s when people turn to you.

14. Be Thankful
There are stories where high achievers forgot their roots and those who helped them on the way to the top. Remember to acknowledge and be thankful, always be humble. Don’t let success get to your head.

15. Solve Problems
Don’t give questions, give solutions. The one thing everyone looks for is always a solution, and when you’re the only one providing the solution, you basically have complete monopolization over the particular market.