Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Bright and Warm 2015

Love mango!
Mouth watery mango. I had taste the sweetness, creamy and joy. Thanks god, for giving me such a wonderful experience with mango. Thanks to mango being part of life (bell-y).
Now, mango hard to find. it's hard to defined. Upon invitation.

Oh my coffee,
A sip of coffee. Poured caramel sugar. Creamy, milky full of taste. Full of love. For coffee enthusiast, to make a good coffee must brew with your heart, a combination of love and faith. Recently, sulking bell-y makes me drop coffee habit. Dear belle-y, I'm sorry.

The story of mango and coffee happen a long time ago. I'm aware, it's good to drink a cup of coffee or a galloon of coffee?