Saturday, October 29, 2011

SpeedUP your Broadband!

Step 1: Connect your broadband to computer as usual. What things you should do now is to identify your IP address of your broadband. Click HERE to view your IP address.

(Warning!: Your IP may be changed according to time, place and situation. Thus, check IP address first for every time you make connection.

Step 2: Next, after get your IP, open notepad and insert below code into notepad. Make sure don’t forget to insert your IP just now. In addition, your notepad..must be.. Click Start ---> All Programs ---> Accessories ---> Click Notepad. Notepad image should be appear as below…copy the following code

Follow this :  c:\windows\system32\ping [space] your IP [space] 

Step 3: After that, “save as” your notepad file as ping.bat and store at desktop. Remember, don’t store anywhere except desktop…huhu. I add some more, save file as ping.bat and save on your desktop. It easy right?

Step 4 : Click at ping.bat at desktop and automatically command prompt window will appear. Leave that command prompt running during online. If you want to stop connection, please repeat step 1.

Well, an addition, make sure open command prompt window during connection. After that, you will see a different at your internet speed..huhu

I already tried this method with maxis broadband..the speed northern should try this me. If you don’t understand, comment and I will help you, ok? huhu

c:\windows\system32\ping your IP-t