Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coca-cola's secret recipe exposed.

This was also on Aljazeera news today.

Watch video on aljazeera in the link below and pls help spread this revelation.


What is worth noting of course is the (now) fact that the 7x secret ingredient contains alcohol.

Millions have been drinking this product without knowing it contains alcohol.

The actual volumetric content of alcohol in coke is unclear, but does it matter?
What matters is, the stuff has alcohol, and perhaps the reason for the almost addictive nature of the drink.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cheap spectacles for all

It has been a while I never wrote anything. Almost two months my writing ability stunted. Lent me a time to collect precious information that will be digested by you! Some foolish will ask for citation and I have no time to treat him. Just a few word for him…Get Lost!

Back to the topic, do you have specs (spectacles)? How much it costs you? So, do you satisfy with the price that cost you for a spec?

One of my colleague told me, she had been worked for years at one of optical shop. She did much task from arrange the product until examine customer’s eye and also a cashier. I bet, now she will be an optician by experience without any Bachelor degree.

One day, she discovered true price of a specs frame when she accidently checked a bundle of item just arrive at their shop and her boss forget to hide the invoice. She find out that the price exactly much cheaper that exactly same with “pasar malam”.

The point is, why this optical store increase the price more than 100%? This phenomenon will decrease my point of view towards all optical store in Malaysia.

She told me, price for an ordinary lens (mirror) is about rm50-60 and the actual price of frame is around rm20. Thus, you can buy specs under rm100. Thought this is affordable. Obviously, the price increase so high over 100% (include service charge, government taxes and so forth)

Last year, I had bought a specs from Angsana Optic. I didn’t notice that the frame look awkward. Something like brown color at the frame. A few months later, I noticed that color was corrosion occur at the metal part of my frame.

How these things happen? Is it the price is cheap (RM150 is considered cheap compare to other type). This is our right as a consumer that always consume specs every year by inventing new method for buying your spec.

This is my method by inventing new way for buying new specs. You can buy frame and lens separately. Not all optical shop will allow you to do this because, probably this method will ruin their business. Why not you try this method instead of pay high price to bloodsucker shopkeeper. This is for your sake.

Maybe this method can change your mind and add more value to your money!