Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm a dissatisfied Taxpayer

I’m so absurd when the day turn on December. It time for you to spend your money to buy your dream gadget, saving for your future planning, car road tax and insurance. It not so easy and spend a lot of money. I didn’t care this entire thing because it will be mine, someday. One thing I hate, I must to pay TAX. Why I keep repeating this phrase? 

It not so easy to be a TAXPAYER! It seems your monthly income being watch by a dog. A stink dog which in black colored with shit trapped in teeth. A dog will tail you anywhere you been. Keep your history and wait nice time to chunk your money in to pieces. What a life!  It’s not lucky to be followed by a dog. People will laugh at you, a geek.  

I always ask myself. Why should it pay TAX? I not pay, but it automatically chunk out from my salary. What will I get in return? It’s always hovering on my mind. I always thinking there is blunt end for this situation. Burn out to keep thinking. 

I rush to life threaten bookstore. Buying some book and throw it at room. Never touched it for years, just kept valuable receipt. Headed to town, manage to subscribe money sucking broadband. Always claim the fastest one, miserably.  Not for self empowerment, it merely a safe road to escape the dog. 

I want to ask the compassionate PM, “Dato’ why I must pay TAX? “  Is it I ever receive any kind of assistance at my disposal? I have tried submitting application for scholarship during my school day. For your side, there is long silence which means I know it fail! Even my friend with bad result was succeed. What the fuck. I try another shoot during my undergrads, the same answer given. Why you bother me now instead of abandon me last time?  

Someone told me to be grateful. Yeah, I do. Depend on situation. I’m not mingy to give money to people but it never for TAX. What your comment when you go to Q for help and then Q abandons you. At another time A come to you for help? Any comment? 

There much thing I must write about the DOG. It nice story to share after all. 

For me, TAX should be entitled to those person have received scholarship and any assistance from government. It not applied to private workforce.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

As everybody wishes on 1/1/2013, why not we doing on others way. Wishing on 2nd day is not fault is it? Just to be different. hehe. Happy New Year to all. Probably this year will served you the best. Insha Allah.