Sunday, April 15, 2012

Serious stuff : Sore that interview

(When you nail that job,you can buy me lunch hehe)

Wanna be a high-flier in your career? First of all, you gotta nail that interview! I know that first-job jitters are definitely a must, but that’s when you KNOW you’ve already got that job. To take your first step into the rat race track, you gotta make such a great impression that the interviewers can’t wait for you to join them,and that they’ll most probably start talking about you the moment you say your “Thank you for your time”. 

Case Study

I’ve heard of interviews that were successful that the job seekers are practically begged to come in right away(ok, these are the special cases). The trick is NOT assume that you’re the exception. Many people always walk out of an interview assuming that they really did made an impression (whether be it good or bad),but here’s I take from the interviewer’s point of view!
Nina: Everyone comes in and does the same thing. The ones that we put on top of the pile under the “keep in view” section are usually those that are fluent and articulate, who managed to convince the judges with they are the perfect candidate for that position. Two people may have similar background, similar exam results, similar degrees, but when one has the gift of gab, that basically makes the quieter one looks pretty bad. Your resume does matter (because it’s the reason why we called you in the first place) but usually the confident ones much stand out.

We’re not talking about impressive Pradas or strutting your Louis Vuittons. Your outfit’s gotta say “I’m confident, experienced and definitely not boring”. A lot of people think it’s fine dressing in the most drab and boring outfit you have (think grey and black), but adding a dash of color makes you look more alive and animated. Dress formal but avoid the thick jackets that make you sweat like a buffalo.

Yes it is, and you’ve gotta be prepared to fight for it! Make your points clear and concise. No interviewer wants to hear your monologue on your puppy Spot. Make sure that you show them you really, truly want the job, and though your requirement may not be enough, make sure they know that you’re willing to learn (yes, put that in your resume) and that you’re eager to take on any challenge that comes your way (include that 110% line that people ALWAYS use). 

Dig and dig and diggety dig! When it comes to times like these, google is guru! Researching about the company you’re interviewing for shows good preparation and professionalism. Make sure you know who the CEO is (who knows, you may be sharing the lift with him whilst you’re digging your nose), what they do, their achievements (people always like to brag about their company’s achievement) and so on…

Many candidates are so alike, some interviewers swear that they’re interviewing clones. Standing out is essential. That doesn’t mean you gotta do a juggling act or dress like a clown. Maybe you can be the one who offers them coffee, or ask them if they’ve eaten their lunch, or put on one single piece of bright colored item like a Pink Scarf or something. The most effective way is to come into the room and introduce your way immediately.

Prepare your important docs and certificates, and make sure your references are notified that they may be called. Bringing extra copies of your IC and passport photos are definitely recommended. Plan your route there, look up for clear directions (there whole list of people interviewing who got lost halfway and ended up being late) and iron your outfit the night before.

Mr. Shy Guy

Being shy definitely doesn’t help in interviews. That’s when friends and family are most useful when it comes to preparing for an interview. People usually get tongue-tied (not me! We blab the night away!) when it comes to interviews, so practicing and being prepared for FAQs in interviews is always good. Get someone to practice with you (or pay your annoying little brother to help you out).

Yes, I know I preach about Malaysian timing and all, but the concept does not apply in interviews. NOTE: IT DOESN’T APPLY! Always be 15 minutes early as you most probably gotta fill in some long-winded form, etc. Plus, take into account that traffic may be bad or signs may be misleading and you end up in Timbuktu or something…

  • Don’t answer the phone during the interview! Make sure you silent it before you arrive.
  • Never call your current boss to call in sick in front of them. It gives you a bad image to your future employers.
  • Don’t come if you’re sick. You don’t wanna cough up a storm in front of your interviewers.
  • Being inquisitive is fine, but asking too many questions it kinda irritating.
  • Refrain from grossing your interviewers by digging your nose, picking your teeth, etc. 
That's all for now. Have a nice day!